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Living in interesting times.

cooking with klutz
Sooo, I since new years it seems I`ve turned over another leaf when it comes to cooking. The last weeks I have been experimenting with different kind of soups and stew made from scratch.

I`ve started taking regular car trips over the border for cheaper ingredients. By my calculations if I buy for 1600 nkr in Oslo it would cost me only 800 nkr in a shopping centre just over the swedish border, and since the car trip is 1 hour... Road trip, Kaizerz on the car stereo and some opportunities to go photo hunting.

But back to my cooking. My last experiments has not been based on recipees. I`ve found it quite interesting just trying my way along wiht just the basic guidelines of cooking time and frying time. And the results so far has been great.

The latest dish was a mix between a stew and a soup based on big chunks of carrots, potatoes and rootcabbage, spring onions and a local meatsausage that when skinned gives nice fatpearls in the soup. Boiled together it gets a nice freah look as well, not a brown gooey substance. And with some provence spice added hallfway in the boilingprocess? Heaven in a bawl compared to my last cooking...

And it also lasted me for lunch/ dinner four days of the week.

The practise today was one of my better ones. Despite being some kilos one the heavy side I literally felt like I was dancing today. Also my shoulder doesn`t hurt anymore. And after two hours of Kendo I was barely winded. So it seems my Christmas regime of training to get back after my foot infection is working.

Also I got an amusing comment from a fellow kendo-ka after practise: "Some of the things you do in keiko is wrong and should not work at all, but you manage to get it to work..." She was very annoyed by this.

Tomorrow it`s back to the swimming pool for a few score laps :-)

Today is a good day.

exam results
Yay, I got a B on my exam. Celebrations will now commence at 1700 hours.

I thought I had misread the exam problem, and used a to basic approach, by stipulating that my pupils where not formally taught in GPS, GIS and observing, describing and using satelite photos.

But happily that was not the case. Clear, concise, thourough... Three nice words to read in my graders evaluation of my exam. I am now going to brag to my coworkers and be insufferable the rest of the day... yay again.

This weekend is going to be grrrrreat.

Friday: WWe just got paid" beer with my coworkers.
Saturday: Whiskyparty with the kendoclub.
Sunday: Datenight. The classic "movie and dinner".
Monday: Going to work, and I have a reduced day (Thank God)

Oh joy. Only one problem: When do I sleep?

I just started setting up a list over my weekend appointments for the rest of this year.

Man I`m busy.... Gawd


Just finished a week in green. And I`m sick.

Fever is high, I`ve seen more of the toilet then I wish to see, there is an 8 hour trainride before I get home and I can feel a depression coming on.

In the last few weeks I`ve spent only two days in my own bed, and no! That is not a good thing since it was not a female in it either. Nor was it always a bed, but a sleepingbag in a tent, and it rained. Now to dry out clothes and myself. Toilet facilities are best described as a cardboardbox with a hole in the top, and a plastic bag inside it. User tip is, don`t sit on it. I swear I`m gonna kiss the porcelain when I get home...

I need a hug.

To whom it may concern.
Dear Sir or Madam.

I would like to raise the subject of the spam I am recieving. When I open my email account I have noticed a worrying tendency. Especially when I talk to or read blogs or emails from friends and family about their level and contence of spam.

First of all I`m not recieving any emails about extensions or enlargements of penises, breasts or any other bodyparts. I suppose I shold feel flattered since this probably means you think my penis is big enough. On the other hand I`m not too wild about what you are implying about my breasts.

Second of all I have recieved no spam about hairextensions, hairtansplants, wigs, combover techniques or any other hairpreserving products. I regret to inform you that that paticular ship has now sailed, and you need not bother to start since there is nothing more to preserve. I am considering a lawsuit for not recieving any such spams before my hair met its regretful end. And if you consider sending me an offer for a hairtransplant to avoid the lawsuit I must respectfully decline, since I don`t think I would look good with curly, coarse hair.

Third, I am severly disappointed about the lack of African emails asking me for help. I mean I`m as helpful as the next person, I have a bankaccount and I wouldn`t mind some of those millions you`re throwing around. I`m not selctive. You can be a former minister, politician, government official or roaylty, nobility or ceo. I`ll be happy to help out.

Fourth. Green card. While I have no desire to live and work in the USA, I`m severly disappointed about being the only one of my family who have not recieved a green card offer, not even an invitation to a green card lottery. By the way congratulations on your very good contacts. Almost any other news I`m reading is about the restrictive immigration policy of several countries, US included. But you manage to give them out as lottery prizes. I bow to your superiour knowhow.

Fifth. Single asian, russian or any other women or mailorder brides. I mean come on! I`m a single, white male from a European country. How am I not in your target group?

As a result of this I feel leftout about any spam meme`s, discussions or conversations about this. I hope you will not remedy this, but continue this happy state of affairs.

27 more minutes to vacation time

9 glorious days of sleeping late and no one telling me what to do.

9 glorious days of reading books i front of the fireplace with a hot cup of cocoa or a nice single malt, hiking on mountains swimming in the sea, watching season 5 of "Waiting for God", seeing friend.

This time I`m also going for a cliche`. I`m going to find a suitable waterfall near the summerhouse, and stand under it bare chested, and practise my kendo cuts. Lets see how long I can keep it going before allowinf King Frost to win. Urrrah (Or Banzai)!!!

Me, a threat?
While waiting for the bus to work this morning I was chatting with a greek girl. She has an apartment in the same building so we know each other in passing. We have some interesting morning conversations some times.

So here we are, chatting and laughing when all of a sudden a greek boy who lives in an partment in the next building comes over, demonstrative hugs my neighboor and stands with his arm around her while we wait for the bus. She looks uncomfortable, he looks possesive, and I just look upon. Cue strained conversation and awkward silences...

So, someone actually considers me a threat, I don`t know if I should feel disappointed that she has a boyfriend, or flattered that a 20-year old boy considers me a "playah" (grins)

Well he would probably like to know that she is "safe" from me as long as she is in a relationship. Of course I wouldn`t dream of telling him this. I have to be somewhat evil ;-)

(no subject)
Something is most definetley wrong.

The last five days I have been up at 5.30 am, starting work at 7 am or even earlier, going home from work around 7 pm. Right now I have been working for almost 70 minutes, and its not even a quarter to eight!!!

Im tired and stressed and will continue to be so for two more days because I promised a friend to help them move this weekend, and also I wont get much sleep tonight since me and a bunch of coworkers are going sushi crwaling exploring strange raw fish and japanese beer. Adn then there`s going to work on monday again.

And yet Im disgustingly happy, all the time.... a nauseous good mood, smiliing bright, greeting the bird that sits at the telephonewire right outside my "bedroom" window with a cheer at 5 am, not a shotgun at close range.

Im smiling, Im happy, Im tired but not bothered by it, and Im cheery bot on an off work... creepy.


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